Alternate Power Supply

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Alternate Power Supply

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Since I do get this question often, I am going to put this in the Announcement section so it is easy to find.

It seems that Sunny no longer makes the model we were using that is found in the thread 'What power-adaptor for Solaris', and I’ve had reports that the proper connector plug (which would be 2.5 mm center diameter and 5.5 mm outer diameter, with a 9.5 mm length) is REALLY hard to find.

Most of the power supplies come with a 2.1 mm center hole, which means you have to force it on to the pin in the back of the Solaris. Also, most connectors seem to be 11 mm, so they will stick out slightly by 1.5 mm.

I had an old monitor with a power supply that does have the correct connector size and power, and I have tested it with my Solaris. I ordered a second one from eBay, just to make sure, and now I can say these definitely do work without any problems for your Solaris. Another advantage is that the box uses the IEC C-14 standard cable connection, which is much more common (at least in the US). I’m attaching pictures for you to see, but the exact model is from HJC (Hua Jung Computer Company, Ltd) HASU05F. (Click on the image for a better view.)

The other thing you want to have is at least 2.5 Amp minimum rating for the output, although I feel 3.0 Amp is best.

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