RIP Jimmy V.

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RIP Jimmy V.

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I know many of you here are aware of the many posts and contributions a fellow Solaris owner known as Jimmy V. (as well as dawman or several others) has made to the Solaris community. I just got news that he has passed away! I met Jimmy when I went to Las Vegas to make a ‘service call’ on his Solaris, many, many years ago. He brought his over to my hotel room, where I ended up working on it for the entire day, and meeting back with him shortly after 6pm. He thanked me and took off, and I ended up just going to the Strip by myself for dinner, etc.). That’s the only time I ever met or saw him, but he was always very funny on the (Creamware) Scope forums, and once he got a Solaris, equally as active here. I also have many emails from him. A real character but authentic and personable as you would want - and quite a good musician from what I heard. Definitely a real loss to the synth community. Here’s a post his son put up on another forum:

"Hey everyone this is dawman jr. again, unfortunately pops passed away today. I'm deeply saddened by the loss but happy that he had a community here that felt the wrath of his mean keyboard skills and personality. I can remember him logging on to our old dial up PC when I was a boy just to feverishly come on here and blast you guys with his usual rhetoric. He kept me updated with the events on the forum, and he talked about all of you like buddies that hung out every weekend. I will miss him forever as I'm sure you guys will as well. When it comes to his musical inclination, I have crater sized footprints to fill, there will never be another dawman/diaper Jim/mamba Jim/dyp , Ankyu."

Rest in peace, will be greatly missed!

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