Get a piano patch sound

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Get a piano patch sound

Post by cedric »


I would like to use provisionally my Solaris as a piano (before to buy a real piano next year).
Would you have some nice presets to mimic (a little) a basic sound piano to recommend or share with me ?

(I would like to avoid to use my Solaris as a midi keyboard only plugged with a DAW and VST stuff)

John Bowen
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Re: Get a piano patch sound

Post by John Bowen »

You can construct a very basic piano sound from 4 samples mapped across the keyboard. First we have to find the best samples for that, which can sound decent being stretched across the keyboard. Usually the lower samples are longer and higher ones shorter, of course.

I will see if I can put together something, but if you have some piano samples you want to use, I would be happy to look into making them work in a preset as well.

John B.
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