Ratcheting - do you use it?

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Ratcheting - do you use it?

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Following up on the previous topic about ratcheting - there’s some questions as to how best to implement it, so I’d like to know if you use this, what you would like to have in terms of settings for it. We currently have an overall random ratcheting probability percent, plus the ability to set a step value to always ratchet. We can make each step have its own ratchet value, but I’m not sure if the random probability should act on steps ONLY if they are set to ratchet, or if the opposite should be used - only steps marked as Note (non-ratcheting) should then be affected by the random settings. (That way, you wouldn’t have to go through each step and set up the ratcheting - just have it happen randomly.)

I would appreciate any feedback on these functions!

John B.

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