New Rev 2 Solaris Hardware!

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New Rev 2 Solaris Hardware!

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For those who don’t know, we are working on the first ever hardware revision of the Solaris, since it was released in 2011! The new board will use the latest compatible SHARC DSP chips, and will also add the ability to use the new Fatar Polyphonic Aftertouch keyboard.

Previous Solaris owners will be able to upgrade their system to Rev 2 hardware, and all of the new production coming will feature this new hardware.

In addition to the new motherboard, the front panel boards have also been revised to have a cleaner look, with some added functionality. Gone will be all of the large display cables one currently sees when opening the Solaris, as this circuitry has now been incorporated into the boards.

I look forward to sharing more information about the new hardware in the future. We expect several benefits from the upgraded SHARCs, and once the code is fully running, I will be able to report more details.

John B.

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