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Bug Reports Forum FAQ

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This is a living document. Feel free to suggest corrections

What is this forum for?
This forum is for documenting software bugs found in the Solaris hardware version. By writing GOOD bug reports, the user community can facilitate getting errors fixed. This is a living document. Please feel free to make suggestions or point out my mistakes

What is a bug?

In this context, a bug is not an insect. A bug is an unexpected behavior. A simple bug could be as simple as a spelling mistake. A critical bug would be some condition that causes the Solaris to crash. Most bugs will be things that just do not work or do not work as expected.

What is not a bug?

This is not a forum for feature requests or discussions about design decisions. Design flaws can be considered bugs, but they are not appropriate here. A functionality of the Solaris that a user doesn't understand is not a bug. Sometimes intended functionality can be perceived as a bug. Make sure that a behavior is in fact a bug by discussing it in the main forum or reading the manual.

What is a bug report?
A bug report is a document that details an unexpected behavior. It contains the steps to reproduce an error, and information to troubleshoot the error. Good bug reports only contain One bug and concisely describe the issue and how to reproduce it.

What must be included in a Bug Report?
Title - short description of error
Version - OS version bug found in
Description - what happened?
expected behavior - what should have happened?
Steps to reproduce - how did it happen?
result - what actually happened?

When should I write a bug report?
A bug report should be submitted when something doesn't work and it has been verified that the problem isn't the intended design. Most software errors are usually the user's lack of training or understanding the way something is intended to work. Use the solaris discussion forum to verify something is actually a problem before writing a report.

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