Music/sound examples.

Post your music made with the Solaris keyboard
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Music/sound examples.

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Hi there.

Seeing as it will be a while till i will be able to afford a Solaris of my own, i would love to hear more of what people are getting out of theirs.

It can be pure sound examples, or if you are feeling generous, a video.

Pretty much interested in everything, but to nail down some ideas i´d love to hear:

FX section - delay/phaser/flanger/chorus ect. on different synth settings, be it basslines, pads, stringers and so forth, just to get a general idea of how their sound and act.

Basic synth setups, such as a mono lead, chorusy stringer, an evolving pad. You know, the normal stuff that synths are able to do.

Modulated - a basic synth with some of the versatility of the Solaris, such as ribbon sweeps, rotors, am modulations. Don´t be shy to crank the modulators up :)

So whenever one you of you lucky Solaris owners have some spare time, i´d love to hear your creations.

All the best,

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