New demo of my Pro One plug-in

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New demo of my Pro One plug-in

Post by John Bowen » ... MO-256.mp3

Wow! I had this customer contact me about buying the Pro One plug-in I made some time ago, and shortly after I sold it to him, he wrote to ask if I could add some highpass and bandpass filters (like I did for another Scope plug-in, the Prophet Plus). I asked him did he want 24dB or 12 dB slope filters? He came back with, "yes"....for both ':D'

So, I added the filters and a new filter select parameter, and sent it off, asking only that he create some new presets using the added filters.

3 days later, he sends, not only a bank of 100 great new presets, but a completed Demo Song showing them off! And I have to tell you, I was very, very impressed!!

So, here I present Mika Hasanen and his music creation, and his notes about it:

"Hi John,

here is now a few new Pro-one hp/bp sounds (100) and a demo song you can use if you want. These sounds work with unison mode, and i use 5 voices/sound. All the sounds used in the Demo song come from the pro one, except for the bass drum, which is a sampled sound. I used about 15 pro-ones in this demo!
The Preset Bank name is Zigma_Android ....."Zigma" is my old band name.
Maybe they are a little rare sounds...but useful in synthesizer music, i think. "

GREAT work, Mika - Thanks!

To get this new version of the Pro One (v3.0) for the Scope platform, click here: ... ge=English
Price is 99 EUR.

Current Pro One owners can purchase the update for $30 here: ... ge=English

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