A thoroughbred, not a mongrel!

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A thoroughbred, not a mongrel!

Post by Howard »

Subject title says it all. Sorry for the gripe - I've just read too many requests for typical "workstation" features (which I think would be totally superfluous in such an instrument!)
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Post by Carbon111 »

I tend to agree. Pair this up with a Rompler/Sampler and you've pretty much got everything covered.

Best Regards, James
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Post by vince66 »

+1 from me :)
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Post by stardust »

yes keep it clean
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Post by rhodeschroma »

I am glad someone started this thread. I would prefer that the solaris engineering team not spend their time on stuff that most of us, I feel, already have in other instruments, or in the form of computer software. I was originally attracted to the solaris because of the sythesizer engine and he idea that was the absolute main focus. A great UI tied to a no compromise stellar sounding engine. That what I ordered, not a digital piano, not a sequecer, not a 'workstation'
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Post by fizzydiodes »

i will agree - focus i feel should be on new ways to mutate sounds and create new sounds . . . i dont need another vintage analogue emulator or sequencer but some new sounds that sound like they are Really from heaven and ways to create beautifull sounds that sound like nothing else.I am kind of seeing the solaris alongside these

Korg Wavestation
Korg Z1
Kawai K5000
Hartmann neuron

all capable of doing sounds i cant make on any other device and classics i feel.

One thing every synth should have and solaris ( i havent checked lfo specs ) . . . is some lovely staircase waveforms for lfos - lots of weird and wonderfull ones so you can mod ocs's with staircases and get lovely stepping cascades of ' chromatic sound ' ( korg z1 does this like nothing else and has lfo waveforms i havent found anywhere else + a wonderfull Harmonic Osc .)
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Those who asked for such extras... don't realize what John's work is about. Maybe they don't even realize the practical differences between a synthesizer and a workstation.

For the sample oscillator mode, ok maybe it would be interesting to import short samples for grainy timbers but it is unnecessary to have big samples as an oscillator. An example, the VS oscillator is supposed to be a sample based oscillator.
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Post by serena-5 »

...I'll probably draw fire on this one, but let's not cut off our noses to spite our faces !! Of course, the Solaris is not meant to be a Rompler...or a analog wanna-be...or a workstation. But there are features of those that could be very useful in the same way the the D-50 used sampled snippets of sound, but was not a sample playback machine...in that case, the D-50 took elements of old, and combined them in extremely new and exciting ways. John demonstrates that the Solaris does a exceeding nice 4 oscillator string sound...a nice thing to do, but it's not just a virtual analog. He also demonstrated that it does FM very well, but it's not trying to be a DX-7. It also can use inported sampled waveforms, but it's not trying to be a rompler or sampler. If each of these technologies can be utilized in a new and exciting way in the Solaris, that's really cool. But even better is the fact that this synth is entirely software based, allowing for new technologies to take it into newer and different directions in the future. And being able to create (or recreate) the sounds of old is not a bad thing, although I know and appreciate that this is not the reason for being of this beautiful synth. One thing that I appreciate about my Virus TI is that the technology of the beast changes with every OS update, and just keeps getting better. With the Solaris, I think that we can expect all this and a lot more...and I believe that the bar will be raised with the Solaris for all synthesizers.
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