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Post by John Bowen »

I'd like to welcome all interested parties and potential users of my new hardware version of the Solaris synthesizer!

Since the product is still in development, I know there's lots of questions, and over the next several weeks I hope to add more information to this site.

For now, I would like to invite any user questions about the Solaris, and also, if you are a user of the Scope version of Solaris, to contribute any thoughts or impressions you have of it in the plug-in Solaris forum. There are many who are unfamiliar with the Scope platform and all the synth development I've done with it over the last 7 years, and I thought it would be nice to collect some feedback from my current user base about the Solaris plug-in, as well as any other synths that they might like to see realized as hardware in the future.

Many thanks for your interest here, and I look forward to my first public forums!

John Bowen
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Post by JetStudio »

Congratulation! John
I'm excited on your Solaris synthesizer and look forward to having it soon!
You have any ideas for releasing Date?
Pricing per unit? (Below or above of 1,000 USD)
How about the Specification such as SW/HW, performance, voice, MIDI, storage capability, programming and I/O interface, etc, for example.


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Post by joxer96 »

Hi John,

As a great fan of software Solaris, I look forward to hearing all news about the hardware version. Best of luck to you! Looking forward to release day!
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Post by ReD_MuZe »

Amaizing work john!

i wish you the best of luck with solaris becouse its an excelent synth, deep and intuitive.

looking forward to work with you ;)
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Post by valis »

I wish you the best of luck John! And looking forward to working with you for a long time to come. :D
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Hello John and Everyone.

Post by Woody »

I hope I can add to this project.

Been playing synths for 25 yrs, always excited by new developments

Chok dee karp (good luck to you)

:idea: :idea:
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Hi everyone, Hello John!

Post by isaguthut »

Hi, now i took the chance to say Hello to you all and specially to John!
To my shame i have to say, that after quiet a long time i had a look to PlanetZ and found the link to the forum.
Shame? Yes, and the reason is, that i am a Creamware-User since the first days of the Pulsar, and still have this stuff, but didn't turned it on since nearly two years, see, SHAME! Anyhow, that does not mean that i wasn't creative, there was suddenly a voyager, some stuff from elektron crossed my way, a sunsyn, a xbase999 and i had to spent a lot of time with the spectralis. Also i do a lot of Photoshoots...
But than, i saw the picture of John and this new machine here at Frankfurt (that's where i live) and thought, one moment please, i know this machine..., don't i own it allready? Yes.
Like nearly all the other devices John created for this DSP-Cards.
I promise, i will turn on my speacial Creamware PC again tonight. It is not the fastest PC, works with Win2k, and nothing else is intalled on this PC. Thre PulsarCards sitting inside, the wordclock - expansion and a A16 is connected. I used this machine more as an powerworkstation than as recording device, for recording i have a realy fast new PC etc.. because of this, i guess i had never so much problems with Pulsar like others and i still can recommend a configuration like this. What else? Forgot to mention that i was for while betatesting NOAH.

So John, i visited Zarg and felt like comming home again...
One Question, as far as i remember (will know it better later), i do not have the latest Version of Solaris. Are this updates still available?
I am also ashamed that i couldn't visit your booth at the fair and played around with your new creation. I do remember some mails (maybe i still have them stored) where we was speaking about exactly this thing, which you brought now to the real world! Yes, do you remember, we said how fantastic it would be, if we could touch Solaris. Maybe your version is now a bit bigger than i thought at this time. I am realy interested about how you managed all the parameters etc., more than one display was a good start (sometimes spectralis could need also a bigger screen).

So, this was a lot of words.
to make it now short:
i wish you good luck and success... it is a hard business, but it would be very boring without people like you.
Stefan H. isaguthut
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Post by stardust »

yes this is an honor to me.
Best wishes John.
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Post by wolf »

finally it came together :D

hopefully seeing you more often in germany !

the best !
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Post by nachtsmeer »

:D Wishing You much plentyful successfulness in vast abundant heaps :D

:? OK so I make my own words up :P

I'm a great admirer of your work, coz you really seem to know how a great synth should sound. Solaris plug-in is amazing, so we wait in anticipation to Solaris-3D :wink:
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Post by beej »

I've been a fan of John's since the Wavestation days, and it's great to see someone making new, impressive, exciting instruments like in the days of yore, rather than these bland, homogenous, evolutionary instruments based on one engine like the usual RolaYamaKorg's of this world.

I'll be keeping an eye on this one - I hope it sounds as beautiful as it looks! 8)
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Post by Carbon111 »

Congrats on the new beast, John! I can hardly wait.

And welcome vack from Germany...

Best Regards, James
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Post by alione »

:wink: Congratulations From a many many years synths player.....

when it will be avaible at Europe?

My Best Regards
Expecting to the new Solaris!!! ;)
Mr. Black
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Post by Mr. Black »

Congrats on your new accomplishment Mr. Bowen!! now if only i can figure out a way to freeze myself in time till October i think i'll be okay. :lol:
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Post by mitchk1989 »

Mr. Black wrote:Congrats on your new accomplishment Mr. Bowen!! now if only i can figure out a way to freeze myself in time till October i think i'll be okay. :lol:
I'd do the same thing... But then I couldn't work my ass off between now and then in order to afford it! :lol:

Definitely will be worth the asking price methinks...
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