new Mac OS X utility app for Solaris

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new Mac OS X utility app for Solaris

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if you like to assemble together your own banks of Solaris presets but are less than meticulous with your record keeping to track which presets are in which bank, now there is an app for that...

the Solaris Bank Lister app lets you navigate to a folder of Solaris preset files and then with nothing more than a click of your finger, cranks out a text file listing of each .pre file name there and its corresponding preset name.

also, there is a new version of the Solaris Preset Renamer app. the primary feature of this update is that the browser now lists the Solaris preset files in numerical order rather than the strict alphanumerical jumble of the previous version.

both of these are now available at the Subliminal Effect Web site -

note, both of these apps were developed for the Mac OS X platform. there are no plans for development for *any* other platform with the *possible* exception of Apple iOS and even then *only* if it makes practical sense. post here if you have suggestions for what iOS utilities for the Solaris that you would like to see and meets this criteria.
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Re: new Mac OS X utility app for Solaris

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The domain referenced above has gone out of commission and so have the utilities. For those who want to download them I have given them a temporary home in my DropBox ... 8tq6a?dl=0
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