Using CC1-5 and a Lag Processor

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Using CC1-5 and a Lag Processor

Post by dawman »

Got a very powerful new Physis K4 Master MIDI Controller with specs. never before seen in the real world.
Solaris and it's Number Pad, Joystick, AFT and single zone served double duty as a controller for a few years really well.

But now I want to use an Expression Pedal from one of the 8 Pedal Out connectors of the Physis K4 to run into Solaris for FIlter Cutoff Freq., etc.

I read the manual, tried every combination of MIDI transmit and receives offered but still can't get any signal...??

If and when I succeed will I see the parameters, in this case FIlter 1, Modulation Source 1 to cutoff, move in real time...?

I am hoping to get this working by weeks end, any help or anyone else using external MIDI CC's please feel free to share your experience, I know it's something simple I am not doing.
But just in case.

All MIDI from external sources works fine on all other hardware and software, MIDI Monitors concur.

CC 1-5, choose CC 5, gave it CC# 96, which is a Master Volume/Expression, sent it to Lag 1 as the manual describes, then set the filters full tilt, as well as the Modulations SOurce.

Notta.....less amoun ts on Filter and Mod SOurce.......Notta...
At any rate tried everything and it seems to be not accepting a signal. Went to MIDI crtl everything A OK. SOlaris sends MIDI out to Scope DSP Monitors and assocaitede hardware sees the signals as well.

I am stumped...


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Re: Using CC1-5 and a Lag Processor

Post by HUROLURA »

Any news/answer about this topic ?
I also do not aunderstand how to make the CC2 acting as a ModSource work. Looks like I do not get any influence on the sound from the CC2 control even after mapping it as a Mod Source for various destinations.
(I mean CC2 coming from the DIN MIDI input).

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