Proper formatting and installation for the CF card

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Proper formatting and installation for the CF card

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I just had an owner send me his CF card because he had downloaded the Complete Factory CF card data, formatted his card in MAC OS, and put the data on the card, only to find out the Solaris couldn’t read any Programs (Presets). I thought I had mentioned to him to make sure the card was formatted as FAT32, but with a Mac, it’s not always clear when you are doing the formatting.

So, just to confirm this process, if you have a brand new CF card, make sure you format it as MS-DOS (FAT) in your Mac Utilities. (Obviously, if you are using Windows, you can figure that out easily.) Then copying all of the Complete Factory card over to the new card will read just fine.

There is another thing I’d like to mention, in case you are curious or want to install the OS automatically. Just so you know how it works - in the OS folder, there are 2 files. One is the actual OS, called 'solarisos.raw'. The other one is a text file called 'doFlash.txt'. If this text file is set to 1, then it will automatically load the current OS file if you insert the card before powering up. It has to be there before you turn it on. When it finishes, this text file is rewritten to be a zero (0).

Once you follow all of the on-screen prompts and re-boot, you can check page 4 in the Home screens to verify the OS version number.

You can edit the doFlash text file yourself, easily - just change the 0 to 1 and close/save it. Then insert the cf card and boot up.

The version on the image you download from the Forum is currently v1.4.4.6. The text file is set to 0. You can edit it yourself there if you would like.

The other way to update the OS is to hold down the Enter key shortly after turning on the synth. You eventually get a small menu of 3 items. Choosing #1 will take you through the same prompts and so on. You do this if the doFlash file has been set to 0.

This is all explained in the User Guide, but it bears repeating. Hope that this is clear....

John Bowen

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