v1.4.4 Patch Sample not loading on startup

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v1.4.4 Patch Sample not loading on startup

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I built a patch in v1.3.1, then updated the Solaris to v1.4.4.
I read the post from @minorguy over in v1.4.3:
minorguy wrote: Mon Mar 11, 2019 1:44 pm Sample pool loading:
  • The function of the “LoadSmp” parameter in the System page changed since the previous version. Previously, if enabled, it would automatically load the first sample pool right after the Solaris booted up. But it doesn’t do that anymore since it’s not really necessary. Instead it’s now a global switch to enable the automatic loading of sample pools when presets specify it.
  • When the “SmpPool” parameter is set to a pool number that's not already loaded the Enter LED blinks to indicate that pressing Enter will load the pool. The LED doesn't blink when "SmpPool" is set to a pool number that's already loaded or to None.
The sample I'm loading is set as SamplePool-003.txt, and there's only one sample in that pool.

My Solaris is set to load the last patch open (by default), which is the patch I've been working on, and uses this sample.
I've already set the System to LoadSamp = On, and I've saved that system setting.
My patch actually attempts to load the sample on startup right away. It appears visually to have succeeded.
OSC 1 and OSC 2 are both set to use this sample, and indicate Type =WAV, Wave = 1.
But when I try to play a note, I hear nothing. Zip. Nada.
If I change the OSC 1 & 2 to any other synth source, it's fine. Changing it back to WAV does nothing.

It only works if I go to Home, Page 3 and change SmpPool to something other than the location of my sample, then back to 3 again.
In other words go to SmpPool 2 (load the Harpsicord)--at which point I can hear what I play; then back to SmpPool 3 (my custom sample) and load that (again), then everything's AOK.

The Enter button LED only lights up during that step above; not on startup. The Solaris thinks the sample loaded fine on startup, it seems.

FWIW I saved this custom patch in Bank 6, patch 127, at the end of a bunch of INIT patches.
As a test, I loaded patch 126 (an INIT patch), and cycled the power. Opens on patch 126 INIT as intended, plays okay. Immediately I load patch 127 (my custom patch), and it loads the sample with the patch, and everything's fine, onward and forward.

Moral of the story:
The patch-with-sample-loading was a welcome and needed feature; but it's not working on startup correctly if the last-used-patch has a sample used as an OSC. Let me know if you can duplicate this error, or if you need me to email the appropriate files.
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Re: v1.4.4 Patch Sample not loading on startup

Post by John Bowen »

OK, we will have a look as well....thanks for the report.
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