Switching Local Off Disables USB MIDI TX

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Switching Local Off Disables USB MIDI TX

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Hi there - I noticed a peculiar bug today.

If you are using the USB MIDI interface, and toggle Local Off on the MIDI screen, the unit will no longer transmit MIDI via the USB port. Turning Local back on again, and MIDI transmission will remain disabled. Power cycle the unit, and MIDI transmission works again. Save Local Off as the default for power-up, and MIDI works as expected as well. It seems to be that toggling the setting will disable MIDI transmission over USB, regardless of the setting, once touched.

I am running the latest OS 1.4.4

It's more of an annoyance, than anything, but it did take me some time to troubleshoot that the issue was in the Solaris and not some glitch in my routing.

John Bowen
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Re: Switching Local Off Disables USB MIDI TX

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Thanks for the info....we will check it.

John B.
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