SD to CF card adapters

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SD to CF card adapters

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I was chatting with someone the other day about the Solaris using the CF card format, and why we didn’t go with an SD card format. Well, at the time of our design work, using the SD card format required a large royalty to be paid for use (I seem to recall it was around $16,000?), so we just went with the CF card format. However, this person then mentioned he had tried an SD-to-CF card adapter, but that it had not worked. So I ordered 2 adapters from Amazon and tested them, and found that they both worked as long as the SD card was formatted properly with the MS-DOS (FAT16 or FAT32) format (NOT the EXFAT format) when using a Mac OS.

Here is a link to B&H PhotoVideo store showing the 2 adapters I purchased: ... yes&sts=ps

I purchased both of the DIGIGEAR adapters shown, but the SlimCF Adapter for Type I CF card is all you need. (The other one Ultimate CF Adapter, is a Type II CF card, which does happen to fit in the Solaris, but not in most CF card readers). You can use a number of SD cards for your Solaris in this way - just make sure it is formatted with the MS-DOS option when using a Mac OS disk utility.

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