v2.0.3 Update now available

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v2.0.3 Update now available

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Version 2.0.3 is now available from the Owner’s Portal. http://owner.johnbowen.com
You will also want to make sure you have the updated Addendum: viewtopic.php?t=17178

Here’s the changelog:

Fixed a bug in which poly aftertouch messages would affect the wrong note.
Fixed a bug in which the arpeggiator would miss notes if the step gate length was set to 1.0 and Length parameter to 0.
Fixed a bug in which entering the arpeggiator step gate length using the numpad wouldn't give the correct number as entered.
Fixed a bug in which the arpeggiator did not step through each note of the arpeggio for each step of the pattern, making it sound like some notes were left out.
Fixed a bug in the arpeggiator latch mode in which the arpeggio and the pattern were not synced up when you released the Hold button to start a new arpeggio.
When the arpeggiator steps through a disabled step it no longer increments through the notes (the arpeggio). The notes only advance on enabled steps.
Fixed a bug in which the Page Direction parameter on the System page was not working.
The part transpose is now located after the arpeggiator and sequencer rather than before it. This means that when you adjust the part's Transpose parameter while the arpeggiator or sequencer is running it will now take effect.
Fixed a bug in which pitch calibration did not store the values to flash.
Fixed a bug in which the Hold LED may mistakenly represent the status of arp hold rather than pedal sustain when the arp is turned off.
Fixed a bug in which copying the arp object may corrupt other parameters such as ribbon or effect parameters.

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