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Bank Select via MIDI?

Posted: Sun Dec 10, 2023 1:01 am
by kazremark
I am trying to get bank selection working via MIDI from my Cirklon. The Cirklon can send CC's via track values but I'm not understanding how to set this up correctly. Is it possible to select Banks via incoming MIDI CC? I have patch selection working, just not banks. Thanks.

Re: Bank Select via MIDI?

Posted: Wed Dec 20, 2023 4:32 pm
by minorguy
Yes, it's possible to select banks. Bank select is done using two CC's which are CC00 and CC20H. (That's 20 hexadecimal which is 32 in decimal.) CC20H is the least significant byte (LSB) and CC00 is the most significant byte (MSB). According to the MIDI specification you need to send both MSB and LSB. However, since Solaris has only 127 banks this is totally covered by the LSB and so the MSB doesn't really have any effect. But it's a good idea to send it with a zero value anyway since the MIDI spec says to. Then after sending the two bank select messages you should then send the program change.

So for example to select bank 3 program 17 you should send the following three messages in order (numbers in hexadecimal):

B0 00 00 (bank select MSB value 0)
B0 20 03 (bank select LSB value 3)
C0 11 (program change 17 decimal)

If you're still having trouble post again and include the Solaris OS version number you're using.