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Well Here I Go Again,

The new Formant Filters have been overlooked as I was in my quest for authentic analog performance features and sounds.

I have been extremely sucessful in my first endeavor.

The addition of the RDX External Oscillators is just too much fun, and having the extra Oscillators widens my ridiculously large sound pallette even further !

The Formant Filters seemed like a nice new feature so I tried them out and though the quality of sound is great, I have found out their real strengths lie in the controllers that can modulate the sound in real time.

I added an expression pedal to the Frequency in the FF's and can sweep them as I wish.

Having any setting gives you a nice clear sound, and using these like one would swell on a Hammond B3's drawbars, but using an expression pedal, is a new form of playing to say the least.

I use a wah-wah pedal on my Rhodes stuff since I am an old Bastard, but often it loses strength in a mix as the Frequencies are altered.

But there appears to be no loss in volume using the FF's Freq as a real time controller, but a shift in Frequency only.

I sure love having sounds and features nobody else has.

Afterall, a unique signature sound is what we all crave.

Solaris shines at this.

Excellent Work John.

How do you think of all of this shit?
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