Dual Instances w/ 45 DSP's

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Dual Instances w/ 45 DSP's

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I can't stop playing this synth.

Using 2 x 4 voice instances I achieved an extremely unique layered pad, that can be split also. This sound is so awesome just holding a sustaining chord and listening to the timbres shifting gives me great pride.

Using the Dynamixer w/ 2 x stereo channels allows me to load both instances w/ dual filters and quad Oscillators, and my choice of effects in the inserts w/ no troubles what so ever.

Synth #1 is a 4 part Waldorf WAVE sweeping patch where the expression pedal can be used to control the sweeps, while Synth # 2 is a lush string pad.

Synth #2 is using the Formant Filters and the Frequency is controlled by the expression pedal also.

Wah-Wah type moves on the pedal can be done but destroys the sound IMHO, but a slow swell type of movement gives the string pad a unique and powerful filter sweep, while modulating the waves on the other synth.

I am just starting to realise how powerful this can be in XITE-1.

I should be able to tie the hardware synth to the software synth and really have some new ways of performing live, and recording.

I plan on being the first to take Solaris and XITE-1 to the front lines of battle up in Tahoe this summer where the party scene in the live clubs is extreme for 3 months.

I can't even imagine how awesome this will sound live w/ a 5.1 sound system using 4 x Barbettas as satellites, a rotary cabinet for the Center, and the Sona 41 Sub !!

A simple hardware sequencer can automate all of my panning.

I am having live performance dreams nightly thinking of the possibilities this combination of tools will provide.
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