Solaris Vrs. 5.0.6 BETA

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Solaris Vrs. 5.0.6 BETA

Post by scope4live »

I can only say I am excited to get XITE-1 in a few weeks, then Solaris this fall in its hardware version.

But while I am waiting, I have a beta version 5.0.6 only in a project w/o any mixers, etc. This way I can load up effects chains, RDII Modules, and 3rd party Oscillators to my hearts content.

With the new Poly-Glide features, Formant Filters, and LFO / Vibrato section, my search for an authentic sounding subtractive analog emulation is over. The new filters like the Moog and SSM are so accurate in terms of realism that I sold my Oberheims.

Anyone who upgrades to version 5 software, and has the Solaris Vrs. 5.0 with a few Scope cards is really gonna have a very complete synthesizer workstation.

There are so many modulation choices and sound source options my head is still spinning.

This really is the best synth I ever played, and it's software based !!

I am having a hard time picturing the hardware version being better, but when it arrives,.....I will be ready for battle. Working with the new BETA is a privilege and a pleasure.

Buying 3 x Scope Professional cards, a controller, and software version 5 would be an option. But the cards used, are 2100 USD w/o the added costs of the software, and the controller.

If you have the cards, get the software synth. You will never need another.

Otherwise, the hardware synth is a few bucks more. But Dayamn.......This Dog Hunts. 8)

Thanks Again JB.

These are the best performance synths I have ever owned.
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