Sample Oscillators II

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Sample Oscillators II

Post by scope4live »

:idea: Just edited some wav.'s for the sample Oscillators that sound great.

I stack 8 of them in Rotor Mix and crossfade them at a fixed Khz rate.

It is the Gibson 101E organ and the crossfades are of drawbar footages.

Vibrato is done w. the new V-LFO section and it rocks.

That cheezy old organ never sounded this good, and it is quite psychedlic.

Solaris BETA works darn good as a low level sample playback synth, but it's ability to route and edit make it a very desirable synth IMHO.

The fun never ends w/ a Bowen Synth.

BTW, for those of you who think I am a shill......I am a paying customer who has always bought my own kit.

I am also pre paid on the new hardware Solaris, so when I rave about these synths, it is strictly out of fascination and appreciation for such awesome tools.

I am sure that once a few of you chaps get Solaris, you will surely agree.

I am a dedicated synth addict, and my jones is always fixed w/ a Bowen synth.

It's That Simple. :wink:
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Post by ScofieldKid »

Was thinking it would be cool to take a whole bunch of Hammond samples, trim to 1-each, and put them into one of the wavetables... then maybe travel that table with the ribbon. Or then take those, assign them to 4 WT osc's, Vector mix those, and ribbon at the same time...

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