Morphing Saw Pair Oscillators.

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Morphing Saw Pair Oscillators.

Post by scope4live »

Just wanted to show the basic Meat & Potatoes sound using 2 Oscillators. Of course one can use many, but sometimes just a FAT BASTARD will suffice.
Using Velocity to control the Frequency Cutoff of the CEM Filter, I can trigger higher freq.'s by harder keytouch.
This is the basic powerful sound of a 2 Oscillator preset.
You can imagine what happens when vectoring and stacking starts.

These Oscillators actually have a wide pallet of timbre, but I chose the softer settings that add motion.

I just love this FAT BASTARD. :wink:
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Post by matocaster »

Wow that sounds so sweet! It has an Oberheim and CS-80 vibe. I can only imagine how magnificent the hardware will sound coming out of my speakers!
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